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International Workshop on Environment Tax Implementation

Sino-Japan Workshop on Environment Tax

In order to promote the research work on domestic environment tax and carbon tax and enhance the communication and cooperation, the IPAC model team hosted the Sino-Japan workshop on environment tax in Beijing China in March 10, 2014.
Some research work about environment tax have been introduced and discussed, including the review of existing environment relevant tax policies, impact assessment and model analysis of the implement of environment tax, model analysis of the economic impact from environment tax etc.
There discussed a lot about the model methodology for analyzing the environmental effect and economic impact from the implement of environment tax. It was recommended that not only the environment tax itself but also the synergetic effects with other policies should be taken into consideration while the model was designed, such as the economic impact in the situation that both carbon tax and carbon emission trading existing. Besides, several obvious differences had been found after comparing the results from some model teams. Experts analyzed some possible reasons for the differences and gave some suggestion for improving the model methodology.
Experts from Ministry of the Environment Japan, Mizuho Information and Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Institute for Fiscal Science, Tsinghua University, and Beijing University of Technology etc. attended and gave the speeches and discussed during the workshop.


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8:30-9:00              签到

9:00-9:10              开幕致辞
周大地 能源研究所
飯田博文 驻华日本国大使馆

9:10-9:40              发言(1) 税制绿色化的意义及日本的经验

冈崎雄太 日本环境省
9:40-9:55              提问
9:55-10:25            发言(2) 中国环境税收制度改革:重点与方向
许文 财政部财科所
10:25-10:40           提问


11:00-11:30           发言(3) 关于全球变暖对策税
渡边骏 日本环境省
11:30-11:45           提问
11:45-11:05           发言(4) 模型研究
王铮 中科院政策所
11:05-12:25          发言(5) 中国碳交易:回顾与展望
贺晨旻 能源研究所
12:25-12:40           提问


13:45-14:15          发言(6) 全球变暖对策税的CO2减排效果・经济影响
日比野刚 瑞穗信息综研
14:15-14:30           提问
14:30-15:00          发言(7)  我国实施碳税效果分析
姜克隽 能源研究所
15:00-15:15           提问


15:35-15:05          发言(8) 车体税的绿色化及其他环境相关税制
元木悠子 瑞穗信息综研
15:05-16:20           提问
16:20-16:50          发言(9) 中国气候变化政策和未来趋势
朱松丽 能源研究所
16:50-17:05           提问

17:05-17:10          总结

姜克隽 能源研究所
17:10-17:15          闭幕致辞
冈崎雄太 日本环境省

17:30-19:30          晚餐



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