Study on carbon capture and storage in natural gas-based power plants

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Within the PRC, the introduction of natural gas power generation is potentially attractive as a means to effectively alleviate the pressures of low-carbon economic development and urban environment protection. At the same time, since natural gas is also a fossil fuel, albeit with a lower CO2 emission coefficient than coal, it is important to determine the applicability of CCS for use on gas fired plants. The appropriate technology for CO2 capture on a gas fired plant is post combustion chemical scrubbing. Although this technique has been tested on several coal fired units at various scales of operation in the PRC, with very promising results, its use on a gas fired plant will bring different challenges. Accordingly, the Datang International Power Group Company Limited, as a leading enterprise in the power industry, has proposed that there is a need to develop a CCS pilot scale demonstration project, to be implemented on its Gaojing natural gas CHP plant, while also establishing CCS-ready guidelines to meet the new and future CCS retrofitting requirements for application to all natural gas power plants within the PRC.

The ADB-PRC joint initiative, Study on Carbon Capture and Storage in Natural Gas-Based Power Plants (TA-8001-PRC), has been designed to address such issues. Beijing Jiaotong University has been selected by the Asian Development Bank to implement this TA project, while the Executing Agency and Implementing Agency are the Datang International Power Group Company Limited. The project commenced on 30 July 2012 and will be completed by 31 December 2013.

The overall aim is to provide the critical strategic analysis needed to compare various CCS options at this early stage of CCS development for gas fired CHP, in order to provide options for the feasibility of near-zero CO2 emission gas based plants in major urban locations within China. The specific objectives comprise:

  • The development of a CCS roadmap for natural gas-based CHP plants within China;

  • The implementation of a CCS techno-economic feasibility analysis for the Gaojing natural gas fired CHP plant;

  • The formulation of a CCS-readiness plan for natural gas-based CHP plants; and

  • The establishment of a capacity strengthening programme for various stakeholder groups concerned with the application of CCS for gas fired CHP systems.

The project is being undertaken across four work packages. WP1 will provide a broad strategic assessment of the importance of CCS for CO2 mitigation within China and its potential significance in reducing CO2 emissions through deployment on natural gas fired plant. WP2 will first focus on determining the most appropriate CO2 capture technology for use on gas fired units, which will provide the starting point for a detailed consideration of the proposed pilot scale demonstration of CCS on the Gaojing plant. This will be complemented by WP3, which will provide a wide ranging assessment of the various approaches for applying this form of CO2 mitigation to natural gas fired CHP plants, with an emphasis on establishing a CCS-readiness plan. This comprehensive study will use the data gathered for the Gaojing plant as the basis for the various modelling and assessment procedures. Finally, in WP4 a major capacity building and outreach programme will be identified and implemented, to be targeted at the various stakeholder groups concerned with natural gas CHP plants to which CCS might be fitted in due course.

Since the start of this TA at end July 2012, the project team has focused its efforts on the initial tasks of Work Packages 1-3, in line with the agreed schedule. The key results obtained in the period to 1st December 2012 are summarised in the main text with the detailed results included in three appendices.

IPAC team involved to set up road map for CCS in China, and for natural gas fired power plants/CHP.

Report available (http://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/projdocs/2014/45096-001-tacr-01.pdf)

See more at: http://www.adb.org/projects/documents/study-carbon-capture-and-storage-natural-gas-based-power-plants-tacr


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