Developing Tianjin Emission Trading System

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Tianjin is one of the seven pilot regions that the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has designated to test emissions trading schemes (ETS). Tianjin has set up a Carbon Market Development Working Group to promote the regional ETS pilot project.

In August 2011, Tianjin Municipal Government assigned the Tianjin Climate Exchange (TCX) as the designated trading platform for the regional carbon market in Tianjin and the market administrator. As such TCX is responsible for the development of a fully functioning ETS pilot in Tianjin, including the design of the pilot’s allocation mechanism and trading rules, the development of its trading infrastructure and training materials, and the promotion of relevant knowledge to market participants.

The technical assistance grant project “Developing Tianjin Emission Trading System”, which is from Asian Development Bank (ADB), helps support Tianjin to build a successful scheme. TCX is the implementing agency (IA) of the project and communicates its requirements to the consultant. The main contents of the project include data availability, measuring capacity of potential ETS participants, cap setting and allocation methodologies, trading modality development and institutional capacity.

The senior researcher Dr. Jiang Kejun, who is the major member of the IPAC model team, was invited as one of the corn experts of this project. And he contributed through the whole research work of the design of Tianjin carbon emission trading system. IPAC model was taken as the main tool to design the emission cap of Tianjin city. With considering the calculation results of the model, the control targets of future CO2 emission in Tianjin were given to TCX for setting the cap. Moreover, Dr. Jiang also gave some detail suggestions for other aspects such as allocation methodologies.
So far, Tianjin city has already launched the pilot ETS in December 26, 2013.



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