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Low climate Impact scenarios and the Implications of required Tight emission control Strategies (LIMITS) is a 3-year research project (starting in October 2011) under EU Seventh Framework Programme, with ten partners from Europe, China, India, and collaborators from the US and Japan. The project brings together experts in several different domains which include integrated assessment modeling, energy system analysis, finance, economic development, land use and agriculture. 
The LIMITS project aims at generating original insight into how 2°C compatible targets can be really made implementable:

  • The technological challenge of achieving a low carbon world

  • Climate finance

  • Local versus global policy instruments

  • Multidimensional analysis of climate change with specific assessments on the relation between climate and other (health, security, development) policies

  • The potential role of negative emissions technologies (such as biomass burning with CCS)

IPAC model is one of the 13 models be used throughout the project, which covering a wide range of different aspects. LIMITS used these models to explore the implications and uncertainties in reaching a 2°C target under different assumptions regarding the remaining leeway for greenhouse gas emissions, technology availability, the participation of different regions in international climate policy, and implementation obstacles.


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