IPAC Research Projects


    • RoSE - a multi-model ensemble experiment involving the participation of four global integrated assessment models (GCAM, IPAC, REMIND, WITCH) and one regional energy system model (China MARKAL). 
    • LIMITS - Low Climate Impact Scenarios and the Implications of Required Tight Emission Control Strategies.
    • AMPERE - Assessment of Climate Change Mitigation Pathways and Evaluation of Robustness of Mitigation Cost Estimates. From 2011, IPAC modeling team joined this study.
    • • China’s Energy and CO2 Emission Scenario by 2050, Finished, Report available
    • • China’s Energy and GHG Emission Scenario under Global 2 Degree target, Ongoing, Report available
    • • Energy and Emission Scenario for Building Sector in China, Ongoing
    • • Energy and Emission Scenario for Transport Sector in China, Ongoing
    • • Carbon tax implementation analysis, Ongoing
    • • Integrated Complex Modeling Tool Development, Ongoing
    • • Air Pollution Control Roadmap for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Ongoing
    • • China’s Air Pollution Emission Scenario Study, Ongoing
    • • Global emission scenarios by joining international studies: RoSE
    • • EMPERE
    • • LIMIT, Ongoing
    • • IAMC, Ongoing
    • • EMF30, Ongoing
    • • Energy and GHG indicators for 13th Five Year Plan, Finished
    • • Coal cap scenario analysis, Ongoing
    • • ETS design modeling for China and pilot phase cities Finished, Report available
    • • Policy design for building on energy and CO2 emission target, Ongoing
    • • International emission scenario analysis: US, Japan, EU, China, Ongoing
    • • Up-Grade of Chinese Economy: a Yangtze River Case, Finished, internal report
    • • Energy Planning Study for Guiyang City, Finished, internal report
    • • Early Warning System Development for China, Ongoing
    • • Low Carbon City Development: Small and Medium Size Cities in China, Finished, Report available
    • • Low Carbon City Planning for Shen Yang City, Finished, internal report


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