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How to get to Xijiao Hotel from Airport


Transport in Beijing

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Conference Venue

The venue of the IEW 2014 is the Xijiao Hotel (18 Wang Zhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing).

Add:No.18 Wangzhuang Road,HaiDian District, Beijing, China



Beijing Subway No.13 Wudaokou Station 
Approximate time from the subway station to Beijing Xijiao Hotel: 10mins


How to get to Xijiao Hotel from Airport


In Beijing Capital International Airport, take official taxi at level -1, showing to the taxi driver as card attached. It will take nearly 40 minutes to one hour from airport to the hotel. The cost should be around 110yuan with 10yuan toll fee for express way from terminal 3, no toll fee from terminal one and two. Please ask for receipt for taxi. 


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or you can choose public transport:

By Subway
You can take subway from Beijing Capital International Airport to Xijiao Hotel as well. It will take you about 1h40min to go this way. The route for that is followed:

Get on Station


Get off Station


Terminal 3

Airport Express Line

Sanyuanqiao (三元桥)

25 yuan

Sanyuanqiao (三元桥)

Line 10

Zhichunlu (知春路)

2 yuan

Zhichunlu (知春路)

Line 13

Wudaokou (五道口)

For airport express line, there is specific ticket which costs 25 yuan.
For subway lines, you can do transfer with only one ticket, and the price is 2 yuan.

For more information of Beijing Capital International Airport, please visit



We strongly recommend booking accommodation at your earliest convenience.
In order to receive a list of other suggested hotels close to the conference venue, please contact the organisers at

Transport in Beijing

Informations on public transport in Beijing can be found here.

About Beijing

What to do in Beijing after the workshop?



Time zone
Beijing is GMT/UTC +8.

The voltage throughout China is 220V, with frenquency of 50Hz. Plugs have two types, A type (2 pin) and I type (3 pin), as shown below.


Please refer to the website below for more information:

Currency, credit cards
The currency in China is Yuan. Other currencies are generally not accepted.
Paper currency: 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 yuan. Coins: 1 yuan; 5 jiao (1 jiao = 10 cents), 1 jiao; 1, 2, 5 cent.
Tipping is not common in China.
Cash can be exchanged at the airport or major banks. It is possible to use credit cards in most stores and hotels in China. It is usually not possible to withdraw money from your home bank account from regular bank ATMs in China.

How to cross street in Beijing 

In China, it is not same with that in developed countries, vehicle will wait for people to cross street, even though it is green signal for people. Sometime this is really difficult for some foreigners. It is advised to cross the road carefully, better to follow a group of people, watching vehicles from both side. 

Easy way to Badaling Greatwall.  

There is a rapid train recently operated from Beijing North Railway station to Yanqing, by a stop at Badaling Greatwall. It is easy to get to the Beijing North Railway station by taking subway line No.13, at Wudaokou Station, which is nearby the hotel. Terminal of Subway Line No.13 is Beijing North Railway Station. The single way ticket price is 6yuan.

Train schedule is available below.

Recommend to go there in afternoon, arrived at there around 15:00. There will be much less people in great wall. And it gets dark after 19:30.

Train S213, departure at 13:14 from Beijing North Station, 13:19 from Qinghuayuan Station, arrive at Badaling at 14:25

Train S215, departure at 13:35 from Beijing North Station, arrive at Badaling at 14:50 Return from Badaling: Train S226, departure at 19:34 from Badaling Station, arrive at Beijing North Station at 21:11

Timetable of Beijing S2 Railway

Beijing S2

Qinghuayuan Station(tsinghua for short in the table above):

1.7km from Xijiao Hotel



Tourism Guideline

1. How to take subway in Beijing

It is very easy to use subway in Beijing. It is signal price ticket, 2 yuan per trip, could transfer among different subway lines. Ticket could be bought in the ticket machine in the subway station, or there will be ticket office in the subway station. Ticket machine is everywhere in the subway station, but ticket office may only in one part of the subway station, for example only in one end of the station. You may sak subway station staffs for help. The ticket machine only use one yuan coin, or 5yuan, 10yuan bill. English service is available in the subway.

2. How to take bus in Beijing

It is also easy to take bus in Beijing, but English service normally not available. There are two systems for ticket price in China. One type of bus use single price system, with 1yuan ticket, which apply for the bus number less then 600. Other buses use the ticket pricing based on the distance. There is bus conductor in the bus, bus ticket could be bought when you get on bus.

3. Best way to go around Beijing when you do not speak Chinese.

A good way to do, is using similar way for the part to put here “Useful Chinese”, write down the place you want to go in Chinese and English, and show to the bus conductor, buy ticket, and he/she will tell you when you should get off the bus.

4. Suggested sighting seeing place and how to go there

Summer Place, subway line No.4, station

Beigongmen, suggest to use taxi, which take 15minutes if there is not bad traffic jam.

Tiananmen Square, Subway Line No.1, Tiananmen East station

Temple of Heaven, Subway Line No.5, Tiantandongmen station

Beijing Zoo, Subway Line No.4, Beijing Zoo station/Dongwuyuan Station Lama Temple, Subway Line No.2/Line No.5,

Yonghegong Station Nanluoguxiang, Subway Line No.6, Station Nanluoguxiang



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